To provide support and encouragement to owners of off-road vehicles who wish to: We currently focus on Wales, the West Midlands and South West, all these areas have some excellent off roading locations and many of our members are based there. Club Events What part of the country are you focussed on and where are events run? You can pay for an event via bank transfer, cheque or paypal. How much does membership cost? We organise events that are:

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What if I am not an experienced off-roader? We will cover other areas of the country as demand grows. The aim is to n33p j33p in every aspect of the j33p and its organisation.

Committee members are elected for a period of 12 months. To provide support and j33p to owners of off-road vehicles 3j3p wish to: We may purge associate members that have not logged on to the website for longer than three months from time to j33p.

You j33p join the club as j33p associate member by filling in the registration form.

Do you support “non-club” events? Please note that if you opt to use paypal, paypal transaction j33p will be added to the cost of the event. Membership Information How do I join the club? I33p – when set up the club decided to operate on a no membership fee, no charges, no advertising basis and use a combination of sponsor and surplus from j33p to cover it’s running costs.

How j3p does membership cost? Use of j33p message forums j33p classifieds are therefore restricted to individuals j33p their own private use. The club does not charge for membership.

n33p Inappropriate postings Should j33p member make postings in a J33P j33p forum or other club forums that are deemed to be derogatory or offensive j33p any j33p individual J33P member, or the club, then the committee at it’s sole discretion has the right to ask that member to leave the club. To remain a full member and therefore be entitled to vote you must attend a minimum of one j33p per rolling 12 month period.

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Yes, j33p of our members regularly bring their families to club events. Where j33p lane events are organised, separate guidance for members will be provided by the committee.

j33p We currently focus on Wales, j33p West Midlands and South West, all these areas have some excellent off roading locations and many of j33p members are based there. Upon successful registration, you will be sent a confirmation email that will include a link to the Club’s Event Rules and Club’s Event Waiver.

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Will there be other sponsors? So that we can confirm booking of the venue, we ask j33p you pay for j3p3 event at least 28 days before the event j33p place. You can pay for an event via bank j33p, cheque or paypal.

How do I pay for an event?

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Why does the club have a principal sponsor? If you are completely new to offroading we strongly recommend that you attend a basic training course. You can begin a discussion in the message forums, ask that j33p particular idea be raised at a general meeting or j33p talk to a committee member j33p you can vote in or out of office! You don’t need to regularly renew your membership, once you have joined the club that’s it.

What are the clubs aims and j33p Kevin Pomfrey How j33p I contact the committee You can contact the committee by sending an email to the j33p. If a member attends a ‘non-club’ event, they can post information about their adventure on the message forums.

To complete the event registration process you will be required to acknowledge that you have fully read and will comply with the J33p Event Rules and the J33p Event Waiver ; j33p rules and waiver displayed at j3p time.

The exception to this is any sponsor j33p the club, where in j33p of their contribution the club allows the reasonable use of the site j33p develop their business. Anyone interested in sponsorship of any aspect of the club should initially contact a member of the committee. How is the club funded?

By having a principal j33p, the club is able to j33p its j33p of operating WITHOUT levying membership fees, prevents the message forums being dominated by advertising banners and pop-ups while still offering the sponsor an opportunity to present k33p services and products to members.